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Rain Rouhani

Welcome to my website, I am a 3D Character Modeler, 2D Visual Development artist and CG Generalist

Rookies Award Draft selection
Rookies Award finalist
Rookies Award Exellence Award

- Demo Reel -

Tides of Conflict

Amidst the chaos, a monstrous 
sea creature emerged from the depth of the sea. who will win 

Sound of Hope

A story about the loneliness of a young jazz musician who wanders the streets of Paris with nothing but his trumpet for company.


Jean-Patrick Jr

Jean-Patrick is a very skilled and kind charcutier who marks the villagers with a deep appreciation for the artistry of cheese making, but did he have a different life before?

Feathers of Loyalty

What do you think of when you see a vulture? Death. But death is not what you should worry about if you see her!


The Girl & The Dumplings!

As she carefully steps down from the stool, the aroma of the warm and delicious dumpling fills the air.

Conquering the Darkness

The moment has finally come that he will have to face his biggest challenge, the monster that has been taunting him in his dreams.

Reach Out!

Thank you for the time you took to see my work :)

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