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Tides of conflict

Responsible for all aspects, Concept art by Cecile Carre

This project was based on a concept by Cecile Carre. (which you can see below)

the concept art was very dynamic and had a lot of storytelling elements that made me very excited of the idea of modeling it ! I first started with a plan of how to model the characters and how they would look like in different angles, then about how stylized I wanted the texturing to be on the ship. 

Cecile Carre Concept art

I decided to make a material in substance designer that had a painterly feeling to it.

I did many iterations , some with nails, some without, darker, lighter, less stylized more stylized,.... and finally ended up with the material used on the floor that you can see here. 

Rain Rouhani Substance designer wood

Compositing Breakdown

I made the breakdown in Nuke to show the lighting setup and compositing techniques that I used. I composited high quality footage videos of water dripping as well as hand painting alphas that later was put on top of the image, since I wanted the tentacles to feel wet and water spalishing everywhere since they would have just emerged out of the water!

Character turntable

I found this project very fun to work on. It was not just about modeling and making one character look good but also thinking of how do these two character interact. 

I used Xgen for the groom of the character, modeled the clothing and then I had to find a way to make feathers I started by studying a lot of feathers and what is the diffrence between diffrent type of them once I found what feather I needed to make I used Xgen for the ostrich feather on the hat and made the second feathed in Houdini. 

Swipe right to see topology

Software Used:

  • Maya

  • Houdini

  • Zbrush

  • V-Ray

  • Nuke

  • Adobe Substance 3D Painter

  • Xgen

  • Adobe Substance 3D Designer

  • After effects

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