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The Girl and The Dumplings

Responsible for all aspects, Concept art by TB Choi

This project was based on a concept by TB Choi.

the concept art had a very dynamic pose and I was excited by the idea of modeling it ! 

Turn table of lady and dumplings

Below you can see the gray shader in order to see the sculpt better without textures and next to it I included a wire frame image. 

Gray Shader
Wire Frame

I also brought the natural pose inside of Marvelous Designer in order to create the dress. I knew I could have modeled it inside of ZBrush but I wanted to make sure the folds were properly placed and closer to  real life behavior of cloth.


After the Dress was made I imported the posed character and started thinking of how to make the cloth feel more stretch in some areas. In order to accomplish the look I was going for, I made the size of the dress smaller on the bottom half and the pinned down the areas I need to make the shape work and stay true to the concept art.


Software Used:

  • Maya

  • V-Ray

  • Zbrush

  • Adobe Substance 3D Painter

  • Marvelous Designer

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