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Sound Of Hope

Original Concept, responsible for all aspects.

Hardsurface modeling was done by Sasha Honcharova.

"Sound of Hope" is a project that I had the pleasure of taking from my personal 2D concept all the way to a finished 3D piece. It is a story about the loneliness of a young jazz musician who wanders the streets of Paris with nothing but his trumpet for company.

The Light Breakdown

To emphasize the trumpet player's loneliness, longing, and search for connection, I included warm colors in the windows, a silhouette of a couple dancing, and a pair of rats forming a heart with their tails. All of this is revealed as the viewer's eyes wander away from the trumpet player. I wanted him to feel like he is lost in his own world while life is happening all around him.

Character turn table

One of the challenges I faced while working on this piece was grooming. I played around with both Xgen and Yeti in search of the result I was after. Eventually, I ended up finding the right balance between stylization and realism in Yeti. 

The Concept Art

I started the process by drawing the main character in my sketchbook and then bringing him to life in ZBrush. Below you can see some of the iterations done with different shape languages before finalizing the character you can see on the right. I tried several different hairstyles and facial hair forms to find what would suit his character best. Eventually, I settled on the far-right image of a younger man with a more disheveled look.

Posters for the scene 

You can slide to see several steps for the creation of these posters