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Feathers of loyalty

Responsible for all aspects, Original Concept

What if one of the most respected and powerful main character of an animated movie is a woman royalty general, based roughly in the 18th century?

Women were afforded very few rights in the eighteenth century and in my work, I would like to change things up.

In this piece I would like to show a woman in that time holding important positions and being respected and their role wouldn’t be questioned due to their gender. I want her to seem like a character with strong attitude one that would openly express her views and argue back not being scared of cruel penalties that she would have faced if this was set in real life 18th century.

Face Breakdown

I made this breakdown to show not only the texture but also the sculpture and topology!


A really fun part of the process was learning Mari, I used texture XYZ and painted with realistic skin textures first, then dialed it down and made it stylized by choosing what can stay and what was changing the aesthetics of the character too much!

I separated it into several sections to not lose track of what I am working on. I started with the face then moved on to the hands and makeup. In this process, I also learned that painting a bit of the shadow would help with the overall appearance of the character.

I used Marvelous Designer to build the clothes. At first, I started sewing the clothes on the A-Pose, and once I was happy with the results I imported the posed mesh and made sure everything was properly transferring